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Real Estate Market September Stats Home Prices on Seattle’s Eastside have risen slightly from September of 2018. Seattle’s prices have decreased slightly year over year. The month’s supply of home inventory has dropped from September of 2018, still showing a seller’s market.
Selling Homes Recoup your Home Improvements Are you thinking about adding an outdoor room now that summer is almost here, but wondering if your investment will pay off? Whether you're planning to sell right away, or refinance, or entertain outdoors more often, a remodeling project that fits your budget can be a great investment. You not only add tremendous enjoyment, livability […]
Selling Homes Green Grass Makes a Difference When the first warm week hits in the Northwest, the rush is on to get our sprinkler systems up and running. Healthy, green grass not only makes our homes look more beautiful, it's documented to increase their market value. According to TruGreen's Lawn Lifestyles National Survey, the majority of homeowners (79%) reported “having a healthy, […]
Selling Homes Full Service from “For Sale” to “Sold!” The Windermere blog posted a few days ago perfectly describes what I do to sell a home for the best possible price, in the shortest amount of time, and hassle-free! Selling Your Home, a Step-by-Step Approach starts when I research and prepare a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to help you understand your home’s current market […]
Selling Homes Commute Time Makes a Difference Next to school ranking, one of the biggest factors people bring up to me when they’re looking to buy a home is their commute time to work – understandably so. Time is precious to us all, and nobody likes to sit in traffic. As OB Jacobi, President of Windermere, explains in his recent blog at […]
Selling Homes Tax Savings Opportunities Tax rules can be complicated for homeowners, and some of them have changed quite recently.  Are you up to date on the ones that affect your 2012 return? I shared news about easy-to-miss homeowner tax savings in My Home Expert newsletter that I email monthly. It went out last week. If you didn’t receive it […]
Selling Homes Take the Stress out of Moving Research tells us that moving is the third most stressful event in life, following death and divorce — but it doesn’t have to be. One of my biggest goals in serving clients is to take the stress out of buying and selling a house. Clear communication, keeping the best interest of my clients first, and […]
Selling Homes Crime Mapping Resource Knowing is believing when it comes to assuring that you live in a safe neighborhood. That’s why I was interested to check out a resource – — one of several websites that track crimes and when and where they're committed. I breathed a sigh of relief after I typed in my home address and […]
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Selling Homes Kudos to the Northshore School District! As our third child Nate gears up to graduate from Woodinville High School in June, our family is wrapping up a season of being actively involved in the Northshore School District. We are grateful for all it has offered our kids, and can attest to how it provides “a world-class education,” as its mission states, […]
Selling Homes Client Comes First I almost thought I was looking at my job description when I read this article titled Help your Customers to Avoid Oversights. In real estate, it’s vital to follow a checklist and then a backup one to assure that there is never an oversight. At the same time real estate is a precise and detailed […]
Selling Homes A Sunday Tradition Whether you're looking for a new home or something fun to do on a Sunday afternoon, the Windermere Open House sign welcomes you to come in. I always enjoy hosting an open house — I can't tell you how many truly wonderful people I have met on Sunday afternoons! As the Windermere article in last […]
Selling Homes End-of-Summer-Checklist for Homeowners While spring is typically when you get excited to tackle a big house project, fall may in fact be the smarter time, both for the well-being of your house and your pocketbook. Your house may have outdoor landscaping and maintenance that ideally should be taken care of before winter weather sets in. Outdoor painting, deck […]
Selling Homes Kitchen Sells the Home!   The kitchen is the most popular room in a home, hands down! Even if you are not a cook the kitchen is the place where people spend the most time in their homes with family and friends. Why does everyone congregate there during parties and gatherings? An upgrade to the kitchen is definitely worthwhile, but a wise budget is […]