Selling Homes February 8, 2013

Crime Mapping Resource

Knowing is believing when it comes to assuring that you live in a safe neighborhood. That’s why I was interested to check out a resource – — one of several websites that track crimes and when and where they're committed.

I breathed a sigh of relief after I typed in my home address and saw that 0 crimes had occurred within a .5-mile radius of it within the last week. One more click and I learned that the number remained at 0 for the past six months. When I widened the boundaries on the map, I saw it light up with specific crimes that were committed at specific places.

Our low crime rate is one more reason people are attracted to live in Woodinville and its surrounding communities. I credit neighbors who keep an eye out and homeowner associations that share current happenings for promoting our safe environment. Neighborhood Block Watch is an official program organized by the City of Woodinville that also increases our safety ranking.

Have you done all you can do to make your home safe? Answering these 20 Questions may give you some safety prevention measures you haven’t considered. For example, are your house numbers clearly visible to emergency response personnel from the street? Did you re-key all the locks in your house after you moved in? Do you have deadbolt locks on all of your exterior doors?

Thank you for keeping our community such a safe place to live!