Selling Homes January 29, 2013

Client Comes First

I almost thought I was looking at my job description when I read this article titled Help your Customers to Avoid Oversights. In real estate, it’s vital to follow a checklist and then a backup one to assure that there is never an oversight. At the same time real estate is a precise and detailed industry, selling and buying a home is often emotional. That’s why I’m committed to giving my clients immediate attention, important reminders and timely follow ups that not only prevent an oversight, but result in win-win real estate solutions without added stress.

As my mission says, my goal is to “provide my clients with the highest level of service possible: professional accountability and responsibility, providing ongoing communication and caring concern.” Communication and trust, as the article linked above explains, involves treating your client the way you would like to be treated. That’s another great way to describe my mission, and explains why I enjoy celebrating with my clients when the sold sign goes up and the closing papers are signed!