Selling Homes March 21, 2013

Tax Savings Opportunities

Tax rules can be complicated for homeowners, and some of them have changed quite recently.  Are you up to date on the ones that affect your 2012 return?

I shared news about easy-to-miss homeowner tax savings in My Home Expert newsletter that I email monthly. It went out last week. If you didn’t receive it and would like to get next month’s issue, let me know at or on my Realtor business facebook page. I’d love to include you and the people you recommend.

The article shares information and helpful links about everything from reinstatement of the mortgage insurance premium deduction, to the latest details landlords need to know about handling rental property expenses.

Mortgage interest on a second home is another topic that’s had its share of changes. You might be aware that you can deduct mortgage interest on a second home in addition to your primary residence, but did you know that the definition of a second home is extremely broad?

There's quite a list of new tax rules for homeowners. I wish you the best in understanding them and maximizing your return, as we countdown to April 15. While I refer you to a tax expert for additional information on this subject, I welcome hearing from you to discuss your real estate needs, and how you can benefit from our exciting spring market.