Home Features February 1, 2013

The Most Popular Home Improvement Project

Kitchen updates rank among the most popular home improvements because they add two kinds of value – personal enjoyment and return on the investment when you sell. You can recoup as much as 80% — which is why Americans spend about $15 billion a year on kitchen renovations.

This is a great time of year to tackle an upgrade project that fits your budget and improves your kitchen’s “hang out” quality. While upgrading appliances is the #1 kitchen renovation, you can also add beauty, functionality and selling appeal by painting, and replacing light fixtures and cabinet handles. Decluttering is another low budget way to update your kitchen.

One of the trendy kitchen upgrades is a built-in coffee center. It can be designed to save valuable counter space, or hidden behind a cabinet door. According to an article about Must-Have Kitchen Trends for 2013, stylish sinks are also trending for kitchen remodels this year. Stainless sinks are top on the list for their durability and flexibility.

If you’re considering a project and interested in the value it will add to your home, I’d be happy to discuss it. It’s great to do a remodel that you can enjoy and reap the benefits of when you sell!