Home Features May 3, 2013

A Barrel of Fun!

As I was driving through Woodinville last weekend, it struck me how many cars had filled up wine tasting room parking lots, and how many people were milling about having a good time on the outside patios. Spring has arrived in our amazing Wine Country! I was on my way to a client’s house and thinking about how to best prepare and stage it to sell, and couldn’t help but notice how beautiful wine barrels are when they’re potted with bright and cheery flowers. The wineries reminded me of a great way to add some Northwest character and color to your porch or patio!

Since a variety of barrels are for sale at different times at different wineries, I suggest doing your research online – or ask when you’re tasting!  Then it’s super easy to turn a barrel into a planter. It’srecommended that you set it on bricks, to help with drainage, and remember to place it where you want it to stay before filling it up with soil, or it may be too heavy to move. Choose a sunny or shady spot, depending on what you like to grow.

Wine barrels also make good planters when you’re short on growing space, and are perfect as raised garden beds if you have rabbits or other small critters that like to eat from your garden too. I like how the master gardener in this article about barrel gardening puts it – “So the next time you’re in a barrel over what to do with your yard, why not try barrel gardening?”

It’s a great time to plant!