Home Features October 21, 2012

Bulb Lasagna Recipe

While it sounds like a recipe to make in the kitchen, it’s actually one for your garden. Also known as bulb layering, it’s a technique of layering bulbs in containers so that they’ll bloom in a constantly evolving display next spring. By choosing a variety of bulbs that bloom within a few weeks of each other, you can create continuous blooms for about two months.

Bulb experts at Molbaks say now is the time to make your “lasagna” for a pop of color next spring. When picking out your favorites, remember that bigger-size bulbs produce bigger flowers. Layer them in your pot from small to large, mixing colors into your favorite design, and you'll have a beautiful "dish" on your patio or porch.

It is amazing the power of a beautiful flower display. Bulbs not only bring out spring here in the Northwest, they give a house the curb appeal that makes you want to go in. It’s no surprise that in the top 20 ways to add curb appeal to your home is “create a new planting bed, create an instant garden, renew planter beds, and install window boxes.” Here’s to flower power year-round!