Home Features October 15, 2012

Keep Pests Away

The house was quiet, and then I heard a noise. Was it in the ceiling? The wall? Oh please be outside. The fear of a pesty rodent put me in the mode of a Halloween vampire ready to attack!

Here in the Northwest, creatures great and small live right outside our back doors. Our forests and wetlands are home to animals that feel the change of the season just like we do. Diminishing daylight, tumbling temperatures and the return of the rain signal fall, and the time to search for a winter hideout. The pests soon find your home to be the same warm and dry place that you do.

Now is the time to make sure there’s no red carpet leading up to your house. To pest-proof your home, start by thinking like a bug or rodent. Where can I get in? Inspect your home’s exterior to cover or remove all the doors to food and shelter for a pest. If a little creature can’t find a spot to rest, and reproduce or hide from predators, your home won’t have the welcome sign on it.

Then, when winter sets in, your house will be quiet as a mouse because there won’t be any there. If I can be of help offering pest-control service provider names, please call me at 206-819-0685.