Home Features October 3, 2012

The Homecoming Spirit…Every Day

Homecoming overtook our house last weekend. Living through our high-school aged son, my husband Kurt and I got to feel the excitement and school spirit that goes along with the Friday night football game, as well as the fancy suits and dresses, pictures, dinner out, and homecoming dance. All the weeks of preparing for the big event culminated in an unforgettable night, and striking pictures of all the amazing kids dressed up in style.

While the memories are posted on facebook, I will not forget seeing how much alumni and fan spirit filled the stadium. We cheered our team to victory, as loud and supportive as we could, celebrating what homecoming is all about – the tradition of returning home to something that touches your heart.

In my business, homecoming has exactly the same meaning. Are you happy to come home at the end of a day? Is your home a warm place that beckons you in? That’s my hope and goal for each client, as we work to find the house that not only meets everything on the “needs” checklist, but also touches the heart.

This article, titled “Five Completely Free Ways to Make your House a Home,” shares some quick and easy things that we all can do to give our houses the warmth of a home, without spending a dime. We can feel the homecoming spirit every day!