Real Estate Market May 24, 2013

The Housing Bubble Question

I wish you and your family a peaceful Memorial Day holiday, as we remember the sacrifices of all of our Armed Forces servicemen and women who have worked so hard to protect our great country.

As we celebrate the spirit of America, I'm happy to share good news from Matthew Gardner's report about Western Washington's First Quarter 2013 real estate market. "Steady improvement in our local economy" starts off the positive analysis.

In this just released report, Mr. Gardner recognizes that buyers are complaining not only about lack of choice, but also that intense bidding for homes that are on the market may be the precursor to another housing bubble. "Although I can sympathize with buyers," he says, " I do not believe that we are entering another bubble, but rather that the market has regained its confidence…I do not see this as a bubble in the making."

Windermere partners with Mr. Gardner to give us the most current local housing data and explain what the numbers mean. I appreciate the Gardner Report and how it helps me better serve my clients, and encourage you to read it too.

If you have any questions after clicking the link to read it, please call. I welcome talking about what impacts our home buying and selling decisions, and helping you move forward with yours!