Community Event November 19, 2012

Gobble, gobble!

Yes, there’s a new restaurant in Woodinville called the “Gobble,” and its timing to open right before Thanksgiving couldn’t have been better. About a month ago, the dine-in and take-out full service restaurant opened its doors in the Woodgate Plaza just off 175th, from 11am to 9pm daily. It’s a moderately priced, casual place that specializes in turkey. Everything is prepared fresh and from scratch each day.

While Gobble is too new to provide the full Thanksgiving meal, you’re welcome to stop by and pick up a variety of frozen and refrigerated sides in small to banquet sizes that you can reheat for your holiday dinner. You can even tune to its website ( to get turkey cooking advice. One of the videos, “How to Brine Turkey,” gives three simple brines to get the best flavor and maximum juiciness from your bird, and they’re all gluten free, diabetic friendly, and low carb too.

“Comfort food with a kick” is how the Gobble menu is described. Hot turkey dinners, meat loaf, lots of salads and sandwiches, even special Sunday lasagna are available on the dine-in menu, as well as the “to go” one. Turkey pot pie, turkey chili, turkey noodle soup, turkey clubs, the list goes on — turkey tastes good and is good for your health, which is why the Gobble encourages us to make every day a holiday and eat it. Let's welcome Gobble to Woodinville!